Not sure where to start? While you wait for the next chapter of the guide to arrive in your inbox, try these resources the community has found helpful:

1. Is my baby ready for solids?

Know the signs your baby is ready for solids - they're not what you think!

Signs of readiness →

2. Is BLW right for our family? 

Learn about the benefits of baby-led weaning to decide if it's best for your family.

Benefits of baby-led weaning →

3. First foods

Download and print our handy list of Magic Foods (and know what to avoid!).

Magic Foods for baby-led weaning →

4. Best feeding gear

All the supplies and essentials you'll need to get started. 

Get the gear →

5. Prep for mess

Yep, it's messy. But there's way to make life easier on yourself (and your floors).

12 tricks to deal with the BLW mess →

6. Best starter recipes

Here are some handy recipes for babes who haven't yet had their first tooth.

Recipes for the toothless →

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