Seeing is Believing! Best Baby-Led Weaning Vids

As much as I can share about baby-led weaning, sometimes it takes a beautiful video to make it all crystal clear! Here are my favourites. Get ready for chubby cheeks, messy faces and many little gourmets!

One baby. 120 days of Baby Led Weaning (or thereabouts). This video documents Rory's mealtimes, from first tastes at 6 months, to 10 months old. Watch to see the sort of meals a 'baby led weaned' baby might eat, and how their eating naturally progresses as they hone their skills.

So many brilliant reaction faces in this one :) Also note that Nguyen gags at the beginning of the video - it's helpful to see if you are learning the difference between gagging and choking.

Watch this little cutie explore sweet potato and cucumber for the first time. This video is reassuring as it goes to show that, in the early days, your child may be more interested in gumming, sucking and squishing than actually swallowing that food!

Great research from psychologists at The University of Nottingham showing that babies weaned using solid finger food are more likely to develop healthier food preferences and are less likely to become overweight as children than those who are spoon-fed pureed food. Good news for BLW parents!

What are your favourite BLW videos? Share in the comments!

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